teaching statement, syllabi, and various teaching materials.

  • Learning Log

    A form designed to help students record and see their progress over time.
  • 2018 Fall Teaching Calendar & Lesson Planning

    I will be posting here my lesson plans for FREN 1050 Accelerated French, every week.
  • Teaching Vocabulary in Context

    Script of my oral presentation during the Orientation Week for the incoming graduate students at the Department of French.
  • 10 Rules for Students and Teachers

    Created by Sister Corita Kent but expanded and popularized by John Cage here are some words of wisdom helpful to all those who embark in a new learning experience.
  • Teaching Award

    Receiving All-University Graduate Students Teaching Award from Beth Beal.
  • Paris in the 19th Century

    A collaborative mock-up syllabus made during the Institute of French and Cultural Studies at Dartmouth in the Summer of 2017.
  • Teaching Philosophy Statement

    Where I describe my philosophy about teaching and learning.