decks of slides

a collection of presentations

  • What is AR?

    A more theoretical, less technical discussion about Augmented Reality.
  • FREN 1050 Spring 19

    I will be posting here all my lesson plans for the FREN 1050 Course
  • Vocabulary in Context

    How to teach vocabulary in a French language class?
  • There is an ambush around here

    Augmenting the French Department.
  • Les graffiti oraux de François Bon

    Presentation at the annual 20th/21st French And Francophone Studies Colloquium, "Sous les pavés..." at Brown, RI.
  • Praxis 2017-2018

    Presentation of the program at the Regional DH Symposium.
  • Video Making Workshop

    Where I talk about video making with a smartphone. Part of a 3-day workshop at the Architecture School at UVA. Thanks Jeremy for inviting me!